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Scholarships and Fellowships

Israel Studies Minor Scholarhship

The Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies (GIIS) is grateful to Michael and Catherine Gildenhorn and Carol and Michael Winer for their generosity in creating an annual scholarship for an outstanding UMD student pursuing a Minor in Israel Studies.  This merit-based scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded as follows.


  • All applicants must be registered as UMD undergraduates and Israel Studies (ISRL) Minors at the time they apply.
  • All applicants must have taken at least two ISRL courses at the time of application, and completed at least one.  Any courses not taken at UMD must have been accepted for UMD credit.
  • All courses cross-listed with ISRL may be included, even if the student was registered through another department, since they fulfill the requirements for completing the ISRL Minor.


  • All applicants must complete the by 11:59 PM on December 11, 2017. 
  • For consideration of this award students must submit the following in one Microsoft Word document:
    • The application form.
    • An essay on any subject related to Israel Studies.  The essay shall be no less than 800 words and no more than 1,000.  It can be a part of a paper submitted to any UMD class, or written specially for the application.  Any subject related to Israel is acceptable, including, but not limited to: a comment on current events, a book review, a research paper, or it may be based on a relevant personal experience.  If you have a question as to whether a topic is relevant, submit the title to Prof. Paul Scham at   No other advice will be provided with regard to the essay.
      • If the essay is part of or based on a paper for any class, the student must provide the title and number of the course, semester it was taken, and the name of the professor, and the university/program (if not at UMD).  Full citations must be given in a standard form if reference is made to any other work. Non-citation or plagiarism will result in disqualification of the application. 
  • OPTIONAL:  Students may choose to submit one recommendation from an instructor, from Israel studies or any other academic program.  Profs. Peri and Scham will not provide recommendations. The student should provide the name and email of the instructor on the application, and the instructor will be sent a link to write a short recommendation.  Recommendations must be submitted by November 2.  It is suggested they be requested well before this date to provide instructors ample time to complete them.

The scholarship will be awarded based on:

  • The student’s essay, primarily its substance, but form may also be considered.
  • The student’s grades (with an emphasis on grades in ISRL courses).
  • Faculty recommendation, though not required.
  • Applications will be judged by members of the GIIS faculty and their designees, who may be affiliated with the Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies.
  • The award will be made by January 8, 2018 and communicated to the winning student immediately.  All other applicants will also be notified. 
  • The award is a $1,000 scholarship that can only be used at UMD for the winter, spring, or summer semester immediately following the award.  No cash award can be given.
  • Decisions are final and may not be appealed.
  • A student who has won the scholarship may not apply again.
  • Winning students agree that their name may be published on the GIIS website and attend a presentation ceremony. 
  • Winning students agree that they will complete their Minor in ISRL.

Click here to download the application form.

Other Scholarships

The Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies and the Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies have several scholarship funds for students at the University of Maryland.

Most of these funds are earmarked for students who study at an Israeli university or participate in a University of Maryland study-abroad program.

The deadline for the Spring round of applications is April 1.

In addition to their application, students must provide a transcript and an essay explaining how their chosen study program will benefit their undergraduate studies.

Priority is given to Jewish Studies majors, but other students are eligible as well. All UMD undergrad students are eligible. Graduate students in fields relating to Jewish or Israel studies may also apply for funds to support their academic program.

Click here to download the scholarship application.

For further information, contact the Meyerhoff Center at or the Gildenhorn Institute at .


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