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Shared Narratives

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Welcome to the website of Shared Narratives, a special issue of Israel Studies (Vol. 18, No. 2: Summer 2013).  The special issue contains a series of essays on the theme of Israeli and Palestinian historical narratives.  The Table of Contents is available at and the issue may be purchased for $20 from Indiana University Press.

Table of Contents

Like our previous book, Shared Histories (Left Coast Press, 2006, available through the book consists of essays discussed by a knowledgeable group of Israeli and Palestinian academics, journalists, and others, in this case at a conference held in Istanbul in the spring of 2006.  In Shared Narratives, the essays are available in printed form, while the discussions based on them are on this website and may be freely downloaded.  Comments are invited on this website.

The volume is intended for academic use, as a text for discussion groups, and for anyone who wants to see how Israelis and Palestinians speak directly to each other about the issues that divide them.

Below is a list of Contributors, who each submitted an essay to this volume.  There is also a list of Participants, who took part in the Istanbul conference and whose names appear in the discussions, but who did not submit papers.

The editors would like to thank a number of people who were instrumental in the publication of this volume.  The David and Elaine Potter Foundation and its representative, Michael Polonsky, generously supported the conference, as did the United States Institute of Peace, through Jeff Helsing, and the Jerusalem office of the Friedrich-Neumann Stiftung, and its then Director, Hans-Georg Fleck.  Drs. Helsing and Fleck chaired the Istanbul discussions. 

We would also like to thank Drs. Ilan Troen and Natan Aridan, the editors of Israel Studies, who suggested that we publish it there and carried through with bringing it into print.  Special thanks are due to Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer, now of Princeton University, for his support of this project and for contributing our Preface.  And we particularly thank the contributors and participants for their patience during the extended period involved in bringing this to publication.  For better or worse, we found that our discussions held in 2006 are still amazingly relevant to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a sad but vivid commentary on the stalemate that has prevented progress for many years.

We welcome your comments and hope that Shared Narratives will reach the audience it deserves, and will make a contribution to mutual understanding in the wider society, as it did for the participants and contributors to our Istanbul conference of 2006.

The Editors
Paul Scham            Washington, D.C.
Benjamin Pogrund   Jerusalem
As’ad Ghanem        Haifa
April 2013



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